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Cain Lamarre Montréal

Cain Lamarre Montréal
Cain Lamarre Montréal

Profile Description

With 17 offices in 9 regions of Quebec and more than 370 employees, including 200 dedicated legal professionals, Cain Lamarre is the law firm with the deepest roots in Quebec and one of the province’s biggest. Our firm boasts an enviable reputation for its expertise in transportation law (road, air, maritime, and rail transportation) due in large part to its team of seasoned professionals dedicated solely to this area of expertise.
Our lawyers are often called on to handle cases that involve administrative aspects, insurance issues, commercial and corporate law, taxation matters, and labor and employment considerations. Our attorneys represent our clients before the courts—claim or defense, as well as in penal litigations dealing with violations of road safety rules in Quebec, across Canada, and in the U.S.